Working Safety v5.0

IOSH WORKING SAFELY COURSE will teach you the basic concepts in health and safety like improving their awareness and processes in controlling hazards and risks in the workplace. It also enables people who work as part of a team to meet their responsibilities for health and safety in the workplace.



IOSH working safely course consists four different chapters such as,

  • Introducing working safely
  • Defining hazard and risk
  • Identifying common hazards
  • Improving safety performance


All delegates should be assessed by two units:a theory paper and a practical Paper.

a) Knowledge and comprehension-It consists of 20 questions in a multiple choice format. Each paper has a maximum of 33 marks.

b) Practical application - It consists of four hazard-spotting questions plus four questions about harm caused by hazards and the best ways to control it. Each paper has a maximum of 16 marks.

Minimum mark required to pass is 30


  • Highly Qualified faculty
  • International approved standard course Materials
  • Highest pass percentage ever
  • High tech classes
  • Flexible training Hours